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Indonesia must phase out coal to meet climate goals

Indonesia must stop building new coal-fired power plants by 2020 if it wants to do its part to cap global warming under the targets of the Paris climate agreement, new analysis shows. The country is one of the few still actively planning and construc more ...

December 04, 2019 (0) comments

Solar Surging in Cambodia

One hour west of Cambodia’s capital an array of iridescent panels stretches between palm trees, glistening through dust clouds from a neighbouring highway. A year ago it was a barren expanse of chalky soil. Now it’s Cambodia’s largest solar farm. The more ...

December 04, 2019 (0) comments

Damming the Mekong?

Laos has dismissed fears that its next hydropower dam on the Mekong River would devastate downstream communities after neighboring countries and rights groups raised their doubts at a regional forum in the capital last week. The tiny landlocked count more ...

November 11, 2019 (0) comments

ASEAN’s Path for Sustainable Infrastructure

The October announcement by Singapore’s Infrastructure Asia, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), to develop bankable green infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia is a positive move. We now need industry players to step up to ensure the deman more ...

November 25, 2019 (0) comments

Yunnan Energy Promote EV & Clean Energy Funding

Yunnan Energy, a Chinese government-owned entity, has signed an agreement with New York-headquartered FinTech firm Ideanomics to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and smart grid infrastructure in Yunnan province and in Southeast Asia. Idea more ...

December 03, 2019 (0) comments

Does China control Philippines National grid?

Philippine senators have called for an investigation into the security implications of China’s part ownership of the national energy grid after officials said engineers in Beijing could plunge the entire country into darkness with the flick of a swit more ...

November 25, 2019 (0) comments

SUEZ Win 2 Contracts in Singapore & Malaysia Urban Drainage

 SUEZ has signed one contract in Singapore and one in Malaysia with a total value of EUR10.8 million. PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency, has chosen SUEZ to expand, and maintain a system for real-time monit more ...

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