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Improving Nuclear Learning

Growth in electricity generation, particularly nuclear power, has levelled out in Western Europe (except for Britain) and the United States. The narrative in Asia is different. Nuclear power is growing signi cantly. From East to South Asia there are 128 operable nuclear reactors, 40 under construction and rm plans to build a further 90. China and India stand out. Click me to read! ...

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Fuel flexible CFB’s – The future of solid fuel power generation

New wind and solar projects continue to dominate recent global capacity increases. But when dis- patchable power is required, particularly in developing countries, coal remains the fuel of choice for utility-scale plants. Global coal use for power generation continues to rise primarily due to rapid growth of the Indian, African, and Asian power markets that value low cost solid fuels. Click to read!! ...

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Is this The Worlds Most Advanced Microgrid??

S&C Electric Company recently revealed Ameren Corporation’s microgrid facility, it is recognized as one of the most advanced Microgrids in the world! The microgrid provides multiple sources of distributed generation - solar, wind, natural gas and battery storage - as well as advanced automation to support residential, commercial and utility assets. Three points to note, The Ameren microgrid marks the fi ...

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Siemens increasing efficiency, reliability & availability

Adoption of variable speed drives yields increased plant efficiency, reliability and availability   PacificLight Power   Singapore-based power generation and electricity retailer, PacificLight, utilizes variable speed drive technology from Siemens to achieve significant energy savings and improve overall plant efficiency.   PacificLight Power (PLP) is a Singapore-based power generator whose power plant ...

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