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Advertising in Pimagazine Asia

Why Advertise in a Magazine?

Print advertising is an enduring medium. Creating a unique relationship with the reader, a magazine is an active medium with the reader in control. This allows them to become deeply engaged with content. This engagement creates a bond of trust, so an endorsement from a magazine is like an endorsement from a friend.

Readers spend time with magazines, with copies read thoroughly and repeatedly; the average page in a magazine is looked at 2.5 times. This is increased further with the digital magazine, as the medium is available on your computer, tablet and smart phone, and can be with the reader 24/7.

The intimacy and repeated exposure creates the right environment for advertising, with readers that are receptive to the brand values that magazines can transfer onto advertising. Additionally, magazines allow advertisers to reach their target audience with precision; chances are, if you’ve picked up a magazine on the power industry, you’re interested in the products available within it.

These are the strengths of PI Magazine Asia.

Why Advertise with Power Insider Asia?

PI Magazine Asia offers spectacular synergy for advertisers. Though we cover a wide range of topics and industries within Asia, we do so with detail and precision. The publication runs features on all the major power markets, from fossil fuels to desalination, and boasts contributions from big name companies like Alstom and Veolia. From large scale EPC’s and OEM’s, to component manufacturers and suppliers, PI Magazine’s content is an essential guide for anyone investing in the energy sector in Asia.

PI Magazine has a robust print circulation and growing digital presence, and our readers are industry leaders and business executives. We target our subscriptions to reach the decision makers, which means that an ad with PI Magazine could put you straight in front of your customer, without expensive overseas phone calls and business meetings.

What PI Magazine Can Offer Your Business?

PI Magazine offers so much more than your company’s picture in the paper. We have extensive packages that involve any or all of the following:

  • Full page colour ads
  • Web banners
  • Videos
  • Weekly e-shots
  • Advertorials and case studies

All business will be handled by executives with industry expertise, who will know exactly where and when to place your advertisement. PI Magazine take placement seriously, and will look to put your company as close to relevant content as possible, in order to maximise your investment.

Make the Most of Your Budget

For more information on how to advertise with Power Insider Asia, and for a detailed media pack, please contact us.




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