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Is this The Worlds Most Advanced Microgrid??

S&C Electric Company recently revealed Ameren Corporation’s microgrid facility, it is recognized as one of the most advanced Microgrids in the world!

The microgrid provides multiple sources of distributed generation – solar, wind, natural gas and battery storage – as well as advanced automation to support residential, commercial and utility assets.

Three points to note,

  1. The Ameren microgrid marks the first time a utility is serving paying customer loads on a utility distribution feeder. The microgrid’s distributed generation can be delivered directly to local customers, routed to the central grid, or stored in the microgrid’s battery.
  2. It is the only known utility-scale microgrid capable of seamlessly transitioning the power source for an entire distribution circuit from the microgrid to the grid.
  3. The Microgrid is capable of 15 different use cases (applications).

Click below to read this fantastic case study now!

Ameren Case Study

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