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India to Punish Officials of States with ‘Personal Penalties’

Drastic measures are being taken in order to prevent more major power outages in India this week. On 31 July, the northern grid collapsed, and on 1 August, in a wider blackout, the northern and eastern ones did so, leaving nearly 620 million people without electricity. Reports have claimed that the blackouts were partly caused by power distributers overdrawing power. While there is a penalty for overdrawing ...

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Philippines Joins Feed-in Tariff Energy Trend

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in the Philippines today approved the feed-in tariffs (Fits) that apply to renewable energy generation sources such as hydro, biomass, wind and solar. Below are the figures of the proposed and actual Fits released in July: Sector Proposed FIT Approved FIT Hydro  Php   6.15  Php    5.90 Biomass  Php   7.00  Php    6.63 Wind  Php  10.37  Php    8.53 Solar  Php  17.95  Ph ...

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Siemens Signs Contract for Transmission Project in Qatar

Siemens has signed two significant contracts with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) that will enhance the power infrastructure in and around Doha, and enable the monitoring and optimization of energy consumption in the city. The first contract, worth $188 million, calls for Siemens to supply Kahramaa with equipment for Phase 10 of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion project ...

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