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Siemens Signs Contract for Transmission Project in Qatar

Siemens has signed two significant contracts with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) that will enhance the power infrastructure in and around Doha, and enable the monitoring and optimization of energy consumption in the city.

The first contract, worth $188 million, calls for Siemens to supply Kahramaa with equipment for Phase 10 of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion project designed to ensure uninterrupted power supplies to households, business centers, shopping malls, hospitals and schools throughout Doha. The equipment includes gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), power and earthing transformers, shunt reactors, protection relays, relay protection panels and substation control systems.

The Phase 10 project will be broken down into two parts: Stage 1 consisting of six 66/11KV turnkey substations and Stage 2 comprising seven 132/66/11KV turnkey substations. Both stages are expected to be completed over two years.

The second contract, worth $13.3 million, includes the installation of approximately 17,000 smart meters and communication modules for 15,000 water meters. The smart meter project is the first of its kind in the Middle East, laying the foundation for the broader introduction of smart-grid solutions to the region.

Siemens reports that the project covers three areas in Doha and includes “delivering a communication network to connect the meters to an existing fiber-optic network at the 66 kV substations, integrate existing back-office systems to improve the billing process, provide GPS location information for all the meters/modules, and integrate the Itron-provided AMR (automatic meter reading) solution in the Pearl of Qatar.”

Kahramaa is the sole utility company responsible for transmission and distribution of electric power and water in Qatar.

Martin à Porta, Siemens WLL Chief Executive Officer for Qatar, believes the projects “are another positive step in the development of Qatar’s power industry and our relationship with Kahramaa. The expansion of Qatar is necessitating the growth of its infrastructure and Siemens has the portfolio of services to provide the specialist equipment, innovative solutions and support. For Siemens, securing this innovative smart-grid solution represents a significant step forward in developing its global business. Successful implementation of this project will put Siemens in a strong position to secure additional smart metering business in the Middle East.”

Dietmar Siersdorfer, Siemens Energy chief executive officer for the Middle East, adds: “Qatar’s economy is witnessing rapid growth and undergoing a fundamental transformation, including in the power sector, which calls for the type of technological know-how, innovative products and smart solutions that Siemens has to offer. We are committed to supporting any necessary infrastructure that will need to be developed to support Qatar’s ongoing transformation in the future.”

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