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Empereal Partners with Sun Liberty on Power Generation for Street Lights

Empereal Energy & Services has announced a strategic partnership with Sun Liberty Holdings to bring solar power generation and power management solutions to millions of street lights in Asia and the Middle East.

The deal was prompted by the unmet needs for energy production and management of street lights in parking lots, along roadways, and on property in Gulf Cooperation Council nations and in the Indian subcontinent. Sun Liberty Holdings provides a complete end-to-end solution for both solar power production and light management through flexible solar panels that wrap around the street light pole. The company also provides a light management system that allows for each street light to be individually monitored and controlled.

Traditionally, street lights have been powered strictly via the electric grid. The first solar street lights were fitted with large flat panels mounted on the pole which most considered an eyesore that detracted from the surrounding area.

Sun Liberty Holding’s Energy Warrior system was designed to be aesthetically pleasing with a flexible panel that mounts vertically and is flush with the upper portion of the pole. The system also features a wireless light management system that monitors all of the electrical properties of the street light to know when it’s operating properly as well as when it’s not operating efficiently.

Empereal president Manoj Divakaran says, “When it is meeting the growing needs of the emerging markets, new integrated technologies are going to pave the path to energy efficiency. We believe the Energy Warrior system provides an excellent solution to the needs of many of our communities.”

David Ochi, Partner of Sun Liberty Holdings, adds: “We are excited to offer our innovative products and services to Empereal. The Energy Warrior system combines two great technologies of light management and aesthetic solar power generation to finally bring an integrated solution to retrofitting existing street lights in a green manner. Empereal is well positioned to help local communities benefit the most from our solutions to new and existing street light infrastructure.”

The Energy Warrior system is designed to use existing street light infrastructure to generate distributed power throughout the community with minimal infrastructure requirement.

Communities throughout the GCC countries as well as India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives will soon be encouraged to apply to be part of special pilot programs to aid in the establishment of sustainable street lighting.

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