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CEA Report Reveals Power Shortage Woes for India

The peak power shortage that India may face this fiscal, as it grapples with acute dearth of coal and gas supplies, is estimated to be 10.6%, says a CEA report.Peak power shortage will be close to 15,000 MW. "The anticipated peaking shortage in the country would be 10.6 per cent," a report by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has said.The total electricity demand of the country during the year is 1,40 ...

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Privatization of Power Sector Proves Successful for Dehli

The privatization of the power sector in Delhi has been very successful, resulting in savings of around Rs 30,000 crore by the city Government in the last ten years.The report by SBI Cap Securities on the power sector came amid an outcry over a hike in power tariffs in the city by nearly 50% in the last one year. The report, which examined the health of power sector in a number of States, complimented the D ...

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Haryana to Launch “Feeder Franchise” Scheme to Cut Power Losses

Haryana Power Distribution utilities have decided to launch scheme by handing over power distribution feeders to franchises to cut down distribution losses which are now in the range of 30 to 35%. Utilities Chairman and Managing Director Devender Singh told reporters here today that power distribution feeders which are high on losses or up to 50% would be handed over to franchises. Singh said the scheme wou ...

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Australian Company Release ‘TPX Gateway Bolt-on Technology’

As part of an eight-year $20 million investment created for utilities attempting to justify the cost of their smart grid projects, Australia-based wide area sensor network developer TPX Energy has unveiled a platform that it is calling a "smart grid/smart cities ecosystem that unlocks proprietary AMI networks." The company explains that the TPX Gateway bolt-on technology will let utilities build hybrid AMI ...

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Chinese Hackers Attack US Energy Companies

It has emerged this week that cyber-attacks from China have been focusing on utilities and the electric grid, causing the USA to publically accuse China for the first time of instigating and tolerating the attacks. Cyber-security analysts say the computer-based attacks emanating from China continue unabated despite this now open dialogue between American and Chinese defence departments, and in fact are expa ...

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Power Industry Target of Further Cyber Attacks

The energy industry has once again fallen victim to hackers, with the world’s biggest oil company the latest casualty in a string of cyber attacks on energy producers and power plants. Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, has admitted damage to over 30,000 computer hard drives after at least one insider with high-level access allegedly assisted hackers last month. The attack, using a computer ...

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India to Punish Officials of States with ‘Personal Penalties’

Drastic measures are being taken in order to prevent more major power outages in India this week. On 31 July, the northern grid collapsed, and on 1 August, in a wider blackout, the northern and eastern ones did so, leaving nearly 620 million people without electricity. Reports have claimed that the blackouts were partly caused by power distributers overdrawing power. While there is a penalty for overdrawing ...

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Philippines Joins Feed-in Tariff Energy Trend

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in the Philippines today approved the feed-in tariffs (Fits) that apply to renewable energy generation sources such as hydro, biomass, wind and solar. Below are the figures of the proposed and actual Fits released in July: Sector Proposed FIT Approved FIT Hydro  Php   6.15  Php    5.90 Biomass  Php   7.00  Php    6.63 Wind  Php  10.37  Php    8.53 Solar  Php  17.95  Ph ...

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Siemens Signs Contract for Transmission Project in Qatar

Siemens has signed two significant contracts with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) that will enhance the power infrastructure in and around Doha, and enable the monitoring and optimization of energy consumption in the city. The first contract, worth $188 million, calls for Siemens to supply Kahramaa with equipment for Phase 10 of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion project ...

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