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Nepal Leader Revives Chinese Dam Project

Nepal’s new communist prime minister will restart a Chinese-led US$2.5 billion hydropower project that was pulled by the previous government considered friendly towards India, and wants to increase infrastructure connectivity with Beijing to ease the country’s reliance on New Delhi. He also wants to “update” relations with India “in keeping with the times” and favours a review of all special provisions of I ...

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Australia May Become Leading Energy Exporter

Australia may become major Asia-Pacific energy provider and supply the energy needed for growing local economies, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The document states that the country, together with the United States, will be among the leading countries exporting liquid gas. The country is a major coal exporter, but it is also making efforts to meet its long-term climate targets. These in ...

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Indonesia attracting Billions of Dollars in Investment!

Indonesia is forgoing billions of dollars on offer from American companies eager to invest in South-east Asia's biggest economy, United States Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan said. As the US tries to arrest a deteriorating trade balance with Indonesia, which last year found itself in President Donald Trump's cross-hairs, Donovan has also rejected complaints of increasing American protectionism. Indon ...

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Asia’s Fuel Cell Market Continues to Grow

The global fuel cells market is envisaged by seasoned analysts to grow in prominence due to the need to replace conventional sources of electric energy and rising demand for green energy technology. Besides being a clean source of electric energy, fuel cells are considered to be more efficient than combustion engines. Their supply of emission-free power has earned them a speedily growing demand in commercia ...

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Japan Urged To Back Renewables Over Coal & Nuclear

Japan task force echoes foreign minister calls to back renewables over coal, nuclear An energy task force advising Japan's foreign minister has proposed boosting renewable energy and shifting away from coal-fired and nuclear power at home, arguing the country's energy policies are outdated and undermine its global competitiveness. TOKYO,: An energy task force advising Japan's foreign minister has proposed b ...

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Ametek Land Appoint New Director of Development & Product Management

AMETEK Land, the leading temperature measurement and combustion emissions specialist, has enhanced its senior management team with the appointment of Christopher Leonard to the role of Director of Development and Product Management. Mr. Leonard has over 20 years of experience in mechanical and process engineering gained in the oil and gas, chemical, energy, and mining ­­­­­­­sectors. He has held roles in in ...

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Tesla Turns 50,000 Homes into Power Plants

Some 50,000 homes in South Australia will receive solar panels and Tesla batteries, the state government announced on Sunday (Feb 4), in a landmark plan to turn houses into a giant, interconnected power plant. South Australia is already home to world's biggest battery in an Elon Musk-driven project to provide electricity for more than 30,000 homes. The state government has since been looking for more ways - ...

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China’s Solar Boom Drives Clean Energy Investment

The solar boom in China played a major part in the global clean energy investment surge in 2017 which reached its second-highest ever figure at $333.5 billion, according to a recent report. The report shows that Chinese spending on clean energy in 2017 increased by 24 per cent from the previous year to $132.6 billion, setting a new all-time record. Most of the investment, around $86.5 billion, was spent on ...

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