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Modernising Asia’s Power Market

Fundamentals governing the long-term investment in power generation infrastructure across Southeast Asia remain strong. Estimates put electricity demand growing by 80 percent in the next 25 years. Despite projected gains in renewable energy generation, the share of the energy mix accounted for by coal is expected to expand over the next 10 years. Even in countries where renewable energy has regulatory suppo ...

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Protecting Malaysias Water Sources

Malaysia is facing a challenge securing enough raw water despite an abundance of rivers due to unpredictable rainfall patterns and pollutants entering the country's rivers, Prime Minister Najib Razak has said. Malaysia's raw water supply comes mainly from its 150 rivers, but these waterways are exposed to pollution from untreated or insufficiently treated industrial, agricultural and household effluents, he ...

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Is this the Worlds most Powerful Solar Water Plant?

The world’s most powerful solar water plant launched in China. Its development has been by the company Sungrow Power Supply that works worldwide. The water plant will not only be an alternative source of energy due to the use of solar energy, but will save space on land. The new solar power plant is located in one of the abandoned quarries that had filled with water during the rains. The source depth is abo ...

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Indonesia’s Hybrid Plant Model Operational by March 18

A 1.2 MW hybrid plant is currently under development in a remote area of Indonesia aiming to provide 24-hours access to electricity for about 400 households in three villages. The project will be owned by the local community, offering a model for the development of solar PV in the country. By March next year, the remote Indonesian villages of Merabu, Long Beliu and Teluk Sumbang in Berau Regency of East Kal ...

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Vietnam Grants $7.5 Billion in Coal Power Plants

Vietnam expects to grant investment licences for three coal-fired power plants worth a combined $7.5 billion, the country's investment minister said. Although Vietnam wants to boost renewable energy output amid resources scarcity and environmental issues, it has been mostly reliant on coal-fired and hydro power plants to meet its annual electricity demand growth of around 11 percent. Two of the projects by ...

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Ranhill expands Water Projects in SE Asia

Ranhill Holdings Bhd is bullish on expanding its water business in Southeast Asia via China-based strategic partner SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd’s investments in the region under the One Belt, One Road (Obor) initiative. President and chief executive officer Tan Sri Hamdan Mohamad said the group is currently eyeing further expansion in Malaysia and Thailand, and may consider Indonesia and Vietnam in the fu ...

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Modi proposes Asia-Africa Growth Corridor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday proposed an Asia-Africa growth corridor supported by Japan and India. He also said India is working with the US and Japan to support development in Africa. The move comes days after China launched its ambitious One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. Speaking after declaring the 52nd Annual General Meeting of the African Development Bank Group open, which is being held ...

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