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Is this the Worlds most Powerful Solar Water Plant?

The world’s most powerful solar water plant launched in China.

Its development has been by the company Sungrow Power Supply that works worldwide. The water plant will not only be an alternative source of energy due to the use of solar energy, but will save space on land.

The new solar power plant is located in one of the abandoned quarries that had filled with water during the rains. The source depth is about ten meters, and the surface is a useful structure that will provide energy for many Chinese. The power station is 40 megawatts, which is a very high rate and displays Chinese SES in the first place around the world.

The location on the water, as mentioned earlier, plays a benefit not only in the quality of land resources, which do not have in such a densely populated region. The fact that the water will cool the setup, allowing it to operate at full capacity without risk of overheating. The electric power system is to work for what the developers say.

China is one of the first who tries to implement plans for the gradual transition to the creation and construction of systems that will become the alternative to develop renewable resources. One of these developments and became a water of SES, and in the coming years in China will have several new such stations.

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