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Siemens Signs Contract for Transmission Project in Qatar

Siemens has signed two significant contracts with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) that will enhance the power infrastructure in and around Doha, and enable the monitoring and optimization of energy consumption in the city. The first contract, worth $188 million, calls for Siemens to supply Kahramaa with equipment for Phase 10 of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion project ...

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Suzlon to Develop 800 MW Projects with Chinese Wind Energy Company

Suzlon Group, the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer, has signed a global strategic partnership agreement with CGN Wind Energy Co. (CGNWE), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chensui China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. CGNWE is one of the largest wind power developers in China with installed capacity of around 3,000 MW. Suzlon’s agreement with CGNWE includes the development of 800 MW via do ...

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Arab Cell Operators Players in Power Generation

Participants in a new survey of Arab cell operators reported they will deploy 590 hybrid power and renewable energy systems to power network infrastructure in 2012 and 2013. The study by the Arab Advisors Group estimates the total value of the generator market for regional cellular operators to be $107.6 million from 2012 through 2015. Over that time, Arab Advisors values the total size of the market for so ...

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DuPont to Collaborate on Solar Technologies in China

Solar cell manufacturer China Sunergy and China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) have signed a Letter of Intent with DuPont China Holdings to collaborate on photovoltaic technologies and materials as well as power transformer, insulation, and aircraft composite materials over a three-year period. The goal of the strategic alliance is to improve product quality, enhance the collaboration and development of ne ...

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Asia Taking Lead in Smart Waste-to-Energy Technologies

Researchers estimate that the world generated an estimated two billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW), a number that is expected to grow significantly over the next ten years. One solution is to implement technologies that convert waste into heat and electricity, processes known as waste-to-energy (WTE), which encompass a variety of thermal and biological conversion technologies that extract the usable ...

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Mongolia Readying Its First Wind Farm Project

Mongolia’s first wind energy project is receiving $47 million in funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The bank is extending a loan of $42.4 million to Clean Energy, which is collaborating with Mongolian investment firm Newcom to build the 50-megawatt Salkhit wind farm. Newcom owns 75 percent of Clean Energy and the bank owns the remaining 25 percent. The European Bank will also ...

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Indian State Establishes Solar Policy

The state of Tamil Nadu in southern India is establishing its own solar-energy policy after accusing the central government’s National Solar Mission (NSM) of leaving the region on its own. A growing number of Indian states have moved to dissociate their solar futures from the NSM, which has been beset by project delays and accusations of departmental lack of oversight. Electricity minister Natham Viswanatha ...

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Japan’s Solar Frontiere Partners with Belectric

Germany’s Belectric is partnering with Japan-based Solar Frontier to form a new joint venture company, PV CIStems, which will develop, build, and sell both ground and roof mounted photovoltaic power plants. By combining Belectric’s engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) and project development experience with Solar Frontier’s deep panel expertise, PV CIStems will offer customers turnkey solutions ...

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Japan Eyes Desert Solar Energy

Desertec is partnering with the Japanese Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF) to promote the creation of a new smart electric grid to connect solar power from deserts in Mongolia and China, to cities across East Asia, including rapidly emerging markets such as Vietnam. Dr. Tomas Kåberger, JREF Executive Board Chair says, “Technologies to harness solar and wind energy have improved dramatically in the last few ...

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China Moves into Nepal Hydropower Sector

China has signed a $1.6 billion agreement to develop the 760-megawatt (MW) West Seti Project hydropower plant in Nepal. The deal marks China’s entrance into Nepal’s energy sector, which has been primarily the domain of India for decades. The contract coincides with the delay of several major hydropower projects, mostly developed with Indian funding, caused by a variety of reasons, including protests against ...

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