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Real-time power trade to help India’s regional electricity market push

A power exchange functions on the lines of a commodity trading platform, allowing buying and selling of electricityThe market, which includes Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, could aid regional peace and improve use of generation assets NEW DELHI: Besides aiding the financially stressed distribution companies (discoms) procure electricity at competitive rates, low auction prices in a real-t ...

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ADB Approve $300m Geothermal Loan Indonesia

The Asian Development Bank has approved a USD 300 million loan to help PT Geo Dipa Energi, an Indonesian state-owned company, expand its geothermal power generation capacity by 110 megawatts in Java, the country’s largest electricity grid and a challenging market for the development of renewable energy. ADB will also manage a USD 35 million loan from the Clean Technology Fund for the project. Indonesia has ...

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Singapores renewable future

On the vast, sunny plains of northern Australia, investors are planning to turn the sun into a giant power station for Singapore. A large array of solar panels would capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity, which would be transmitted via undersea cables. There are plans for other immense renewable energy complexes in Australia too, some using wind and solar energy to create hydrogen by splitti ...

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ENIAN Attracts $1.5 million investment

University of Edinburgh spin-out ENIAN has completed a $1.5 million pre-seed financing round for its software that helps renewable energy developers and investors project future returns. The business harnesses satellite data from NASA and the European Space Agency to allow professionals to estimate the potential wind or solar power at a particular spot in the world. It says this will save time, effort and r ...

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Workplace and supply chain risks from COVID-19

Workplace and supply chain risks from COVID-19 having significant impact on power sector, according to Willis Towers Watson ASIA, - Pressures on workforce availability and maintaining supply chains arising from COVID-19 are proving challenging to the power sector, according to Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW), a leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company, at the launch of its Power Market Re ...

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Ingeteam reach installation milestone

Ingeteam, a global technology group that specializes in electric power conversion, says it has commissioned 50 GW of electrical wind power conversion equipment to date, thanks to the company’s strong sales of wind power converters and wind control cabinets. Ingeteam entered the wind industry in 1995 working on the development of variable-speed machines. They were the first manufacturer to introduce DFIG con ...

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