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Kazakhstan, Asia’s Unlikely Green Champion

A year after the international Expo 2017 held in Astana on ‘Future Energy’ Kazakhstan begins its long journey from oil-dependency to a sustainable developed nation. The emergence of Kazakhstan as an international eco-warrior and regional pioneer of green energy was firmly established last year, after the country was selected to host the international Expo 2017 on ‘Future Energy.’ On the face of things, Kaza ...

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MAN Energy New EGR Turbo Blower Wins First Order

Chinese Ceremony Launches New Blower for Tier III Compliance; First Order Already Won ETB (Electrical Turbo Blower) raises exhaust-gas pressure to overcome the pressure difference between exhaust gas and scavenging air receiver by actively controlling the exhaust gas flow; strategic step to bring development in-house; design focuses on cost-optimisation and compactness MAN Energy Solutions has launched its ...

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Ansaldo Energia Global Hydrogen Energy Leader!

  Ansaldo Energia unveils new H2 solutions making it the undisputed global leader in hydrogen-based energy technology In today’s dynamic and fast changing power generation market, gas turbine power plant operators are demanding solutions for their newly installed and existing assets to provide unprecedented and ‘future-proof’ operational flexibility in order to optimize their ability to profit from cha ...

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The Growth Of Battery Storage

The recent announcement that the world’s largest lithium-ion battery will be installed in South Australia by the end of 2017 is lending rare optimism to proponents of utility scale battery storage around the world. This feat is expected to transform and fast track reliable renewable energy not only in Australia, but also around the world where this form of energy, while highly desired, remains short of guar ...

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Asian Renewable Energy Hub Reaches $22 Billion Budget

The consortium behind a massive renewable energy project proposed for the Pilbara has brought Macquarie Group on board as an investor and bolstered the budget to more than $22 billion. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub has also increased the wind and solar power development’s planned output from 9 gigawatts to more than 11 GW, with a greater focus on supplying domestic industry consumers. Macquarie has agreed ...

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Uttar Pradesh Power Plays Sucking Energy From Grid

Further losses by electricity distribution firms in Uttar Pradesh have raised doubts over the central government’s ambitious Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana project, which was set up to make the power sector financially viable. Power Minister Raj Kumar Singh said in June that nationwide losses had narrowed to Rs173.52 billion (US$2.34 billion) in 2017-18, from Rs510.96 billion (US$6.89 billion) in the previou ...

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