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Smart Solar Power Generation Asia

Installation of solar panels in both commercial and residential buildings are rising by the day. They are also being installed in railway and bus stations, streets, and gardens. This has warranted the machines that make electricity from the sunlight to become ever more efficient. The result is the smart solar power market. It is an innovative solution that allows solar products to be controlled and monitore ...

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Asia Outbidding European Utilities for LNG

Northwest European liquefied natural gas terminals are for the first time exporting more of the fuel than they are feeding into the region’s pipeline networks. Even with the European benchmark at a record for this time of year, surging demand in Asia to South America means traders are sending ships with the super-chilled gas there instead of supplying utilities at home. Most of the LNG tankers that have arr ...

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Wind Energy Purchase Begins in India

Inter-state flow of wind power has begun in India with three states buying power generated from a plant in Bhuj, Gujarat, said the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in a statement. Power generated from part capacity of the 126 MW-project commissioned by Ostro Kutch Wind Pvt. Ltd. is being purchased by Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, the ministry said. The purchase is under the first tranche o ...

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Hengtong Sign 220KV Project With Nepal Electric

Hengtong successfully signed a 220kV transmission line project with Nepal Electricity Authority, indicating the internationalization breakthrough of Hengtong in the land high voltage transmission line project. On August 20th, Hengtong successfully signed a 220kV transmission line project with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). As an important part of the energy interconnection project between India and Nepa ...

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$3 Billion Investment in Gigafactory?

A Thai-based renewable energy technology company, Energy Absolute, plans to invest $3 billion in a battery 'gigafactory', hedging on Southeast Asia’s uptake of electric vehicles and smart grids. The factory's development plan is divided into two phases. The first features a plant with a production capacity of 1GWh, which is slated to open in Q3 of 2019. Energy Absolute is expected to finance an investment o ...

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Data Centre Energy Use & Renewable Implementation

The world’s appetite for data is growing as businesses and processes go digital. To feed this demand, experts believe that the ICT industry will be responsible for 14% of global emissions by 2040. Singapore, a growing tropical data centre hub which accounts for 60% of Southeast Asia’s data centre market, expects to see data centres consume up to 12 percent of the country’s total energy demand by 2030, accor ...

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LNG Gas Trade Asia

According to the International Energy Agency, global natural gas trade has grown by more than 40% over the past 15 years. Over the next five years, current trade flows are expected to significantly diversify, boosted by development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure. LNG trade, which grew by 11% in 2017 to 391 billion cubic meters (bcm) is expected to surpass 500 bcm in 2023, driven by strong dem ...

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Lao’s Dam Collapse Raises Concerns

A collapsed dam in Laos is pushing the communist regime in the Southeast Asian country into unchartered territory, with leaders of the notoriously oppressive and opaque one-party state facing criticism a week after the disaster, according to seasoned observers based in the capital Vientiane. The regime's attempts to restrict information about the landlocked country's worst water-related disaster in decades ...

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