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Multi-megawatt turbine market to grow in India

ReGen Powertech and Kenersys India, on Thursday, unveiled new products for the emerging multi-megawatt turbine market.

Announcing the launch of Vensys 87 (V-87), a 1.5 MW turbine, Managing Director of ReGen Powertech Pvt. Ltd., Madhusudan Khemka, said it was the third turbine from the company in the last four years.
These had been developed in collaboration with Vensys Energy AG of Germany.

V-87 would deliver a 15 per cent increase in annual energy production over V-77, the company’s first product, and 5-7 per cent more annual energy production over V-82 in the 85-metre configuration.

The new turbine, for which the company has pre-launch orders of Rs.1,800 crore for 279 MW, was priced marginally higher than the earlier products, he said.

The company, which has a manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh, is setting up a plant in Udaipur.

The total investment, including on the blade plant for which ReGen is likely to have technology tie-up with LM Wind Power, would be Rs.450 crore.

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