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Haitai Solar Launch IPO on Beijing Stock Exchange

Haitai Solar, a leading new energy solutions and solar module provider, today announced that the Company has completed the process of its initial public offering and started trading on the Beijing Stock Exchange under the stock code 835985 on August 8, 2022.

Haitai Solar's brand-new slogan
Haitai Solar’s brand-new slogan

Haitai Solar’s debut on the Beijing bourse is a launchpad from which the company is able to further cement its leadership in the booming Renewable Energy Sector and raise funds for its key investment projects down the pipeline. The proceeds will go toward supporting the R&D and mass production of Haitai Solar’s 2GW HJT module and 1GW module projects, as well as expanding its research center, as part of the Company’s plan to boost its innovation and manufacturing capacity.

“We are glad to witness Haitai Solar being successfully listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, which marks a significant milestone as we strive to build the Company into a new energy powerhouse. The new capital injection, coupled with the Haitai Solar’s rising profile on the global stage and rapidly growing scale, will greatly sharpen our competitive edges, and go a long way to securing its leading position in the industry,” said Wang Yong, Chairman of Haitai Solar.

“Looking forward, we are confident in Haitai Solar’s ability to achieve sustainable growth in the long run through the strategy that zeros in on production expansion, quality improvement and technological innovation,” he added.

The company also released a brand-new slogan ‘Single or Infinite? Double = More!’. The combination of two contrasting words “Single” and “Infinite” perfectly explains how the monofacial module is able to deliver infinite possibilities while retaining the utmost in quality. The Taihe Series modules fully and accurately describe the idea of “More”, that is, the products are endowed with more cutting-edge technologies, can achieve higher power output and can be applied to more scenarios, and, by doing so, deliver more added value to clients. With the new tagline, Haitai Solar is committed to delivering more value to its shareholders, existing and future partners, and helping the world to achieve the net-zero emission targets as a driver of the global energy transition.

For more information, please visit: https://www.haitai-solar.com/

About Haitai Solar

Haitai Solar is a high-tech enterprise focused on Renewable Energy with five Business Divisions: Photovoltaic modules, Utility Power Plant, Mounting System, Energy Storage, and Hydrogen Energy. Since its inception in 2006, it has been committed to systematically providing more value to global customers and partners.  Haitai Solar has been recognized as Tier 1 Module Manufacturer by BNEF with total global production capacity of 8GW, meanwhile it has also been ranked as Top 10 PV companies in China in terms of  the shipments. As an intelligent new energy provider, Haitai Solar will continue to promote new energy development with both premium quality and technology to lead the green energy revolution.

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