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Trilliant & EVN HCMC sign contract

Trilliant has signed a contract with EVN HCMC, a subsidiary of EVN, the largest power company in Vietnam, for a smart grid project. The announcement was made following the contract signing ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City, which was attended by Mr.Tran Khiem Tuan, Deputy General Director of EVN HCMC, Chief of Staff Clark Jennings and Regional Manager Mark Dunn from the U.S. Trade Development Agency (USTDA), and Trilliant.
According to a study by Zpryme, with a growing GDP, the demand for electricity in Vietnam is expected to grow by 15-17 percent per year. To meet this demand, EVN has undertaken an innovative smart grid pilot project in Ho Chi Minh City to demonstrate the application of smart grid platform technology to help deliver energy efficiency in order to offset some of the demand growth, while improving reliability and operational benefits to customers. The long-term goal is also to leverage smart grid technologies to empower consumers to conserve energy, integrate more renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to enable the country to continue on its economic growth path more sustainably.
As a testament to the strategic importance of the energy sector to the country’s socio-economic development, the World Bank has recently approved US$500 million funding to work with the Government of Vietnam to improve the capacity, efficiency and reliability of electric infrastructure in areas that are key to the country’s economic development. In addition to using the funding to improve the country’s transmission infrastructure, the project will support smart grid technologies for monitoring, control and protecting critical assets to improve reliability and reduce outages.
“We look forward to using this pilot project to ultimately help us further deliver energy efficiency and reliability benefits to our customers.” said Mr.Tran Khiem Tuan, Deputy General Director of EVN HCMC.
“USTDA was pleased to facilitate a meeting between Trilliant and EVN officials during a reverse trade mission to the United States that we sponsored for Vietnamese energy leaders in July,” said Mr. Clark Jennings, Chief of Staff at USTDA. “This cooperation demonstrates how U.S. and Vietnamese partners can work together to leverage innovative technology to modernize Vietnam’s energy infrastructure – and create a more sustainable future. We hope this is the beginning of a long-term collaboration that will enhance bilateral trade between our countries.”
“We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with EVN HCMC on this project,” said Bryan Spear, Trilliant’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific. “EVN HCMC is an innovative utility with unique challenges, and we are honored to assist in their efforts to build a smarter energy infrastructure to help the country accelerate economic growth more sustainably for its citizens.”
The Trilliant Smart Grid Platform offers the Asia Pacific region the only proven, globally available RF mesh solution for AMI and Distribution Automation networks. The platform offers utilities and energy retailers the widest range of options and flexibility to solve any smart grid business needs, and specifically tailored to the utility’s particular goals, regulatory model, and service territory.

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