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CNPEC Choose Alstom for transmission project

China Nuclear Power Engineering (CNPEC) has awarded a contract to Alstom to boost power transmission for 8.6km-long gas-insulated line project.

Under the €12m contract, Alstom will be responsible for replacing the overhead lines with gas-insulated lines, a more reliable and environmentally-friendly solution, at the CNPEC’s Yangjiang nuclear power station.

Located in Yangjiang City, in western Guangdong Province, China, the Yangjiang nuclear power station will feature six 1,000MW CPR-1000 pressurized water reactors.

The gas-insulated lines (GIL) features robust casting and non-flammability and are sound alternative to overhead lines due to high reliability and operational safety.

In addition to occupying less space and offering major environmental benefits, the GIL reduces electrical resistance and power losses by 70% compared to conventional overhead lines.

Alstom Grid China and East Asia Pacific Region senior vice president Michel Serra said: “Alstom is honored to be awarded a major contract by CNPEC, a valuable and long-term partner. As a global leader in the GIL sector, we have accumulated rich experiences in GIL design and installation for large power plants that optimize performance and efficiency.”

CNPEC is the subsidiary of China GuangDong Nuclear Power Group.

Alstom earlier delivered gas-insulated substations, power transformers and GIL to CNPEC for number of key projects, such as Daya Bay, Taishan, Ling Ao and Ningde nuclear power plants.

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