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South-East Asia boosted by Thailand’s arrival

The country’s first two wind farms, West Huay Bong 2 and West Huay Bong 3, were announced as operational by Ratchaguri Electricity Generating Holding, a stakeholder in project shareholder Aeolus Power. Both projects have an operating capacity of 103.5MW from 45 Siemens 2.3MW turbines.

In July the 7.5MW Theppana wind farm in Chaiyaphum province, supplied with turbines from China’s Goldwind, also went online, taking the country’s cumulative capacity to 214.5MW.

The Philippines

No new wind capacity was installed in the Philippines during 2013, the fourth successive year in which all the republic’s wind energy has been provided by the 33MW Bangui Bay project, which went online in 2010.

However, the country is developing seven wind projects. These will have a total capacity of 420MW, which is slated to come online between August and December 2014, according to the Department of Energy.


In 2013 Taiwan added 43MW of onshore capacity to its existing installed fleet of 571MW, bringing the total to 614MW, all onshore.


In Vietnam cumulative capacity for 2013 was 68MW, with 16MW, all of it offshore at the Bac Lieu project, added in 2013.

South Korea

Cumulative installed capacity in 2013 stood at 492MW, according to the Korean wind association, with 9MW added in 2013 at the Sinan 2 onshore project.

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