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Mahindra Group to also Enter Indian Wind Market

It has been reported that the USD 16 billion Mahindra group is set to enter the wind power business in India, though the group is not at the moment revealing the details of its plans.Mr.Parag Shah managing Partner at Mahindra Partners and Head of Mahindra Cleantech Ventures said that:

“It is in a little confidential stage. It is work in progress.”?? What is clear is that the group, which has major ambitions in the cleantech space, will not get into manufacturing; it is highly unlikely that there will be Mahindra wind turbine. Mr. Shah claims that Mahindra would not want to be technology players.

Instead, Mahindra want to be good systems integrator players. Mr. Shah said that nothing stops Mahindra EPC from becoming a large green EPC player, the idea is presumably that Mahindra would get into undertaking turnkey jobs for developing wind farms.?

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