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KSTAR energy storage for Thai Project

Two sets of KSTAR 5kW+10kWh energy storage systems (BluE-5000D) have been installed during December at the Chumpoll Temple in Ayutthaya Province, providing a clean and stable night time power supply.

To ensure ongoing system availability, the partners are providing smart on-line cloud monitoring, allowing the owner to check real-time data, including solar power generation and ESS savings.

As we know, affordable and increasingly-competitive energy storage system (ESS) would play a prominent role in a range of applications in Thailand and other areas. Also, it would help increasing the penetration of variable renewable energies . ESS is expected to benefit all users in the future.

Battery manufacturer CATL and KSTAR have developed a joint venture to support the design of storage products with the high quality necessary to meet the needs of international customers. The joint venture uses advanced technologies to maximise the yield of electricity generation, and all storage products are integrated with a CATL battery and KSTAR inverter.

With a CATL Battery solution and KSTAR photovoltaic system customers will cover their own energy needs on sunny days and lower the  electricity bills — often even generating a surplus.

“We are delighted to work with our customers in Thailand. Driven by a strong sense of purpose to create a healthier planet, KSTAR is aiming to be a global leader of versatile ESS solutions. As one of the world’s professional renewable energy suppliers, we are expecting more achievement in the residential and the commercial& the utility markets. For ESS, we are definitely seeing more opportunities in developing and developed markets such as Asia,Europe and Australia. Our energy storage systems will continue to penetrate in Asia,Europe and Australia.” Said the sales manager Mr. Zhan in Thailand.

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