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Hyundai drop fuel cell car price

Hyundai is soldiering on with its fuel-cell-powered Tucson, ordering an enormous cut in the zero-emission CUV’s price in the company’s home market. The 43-percent reduction, when combined with subsidies from the South Korean government, brings the cost of entry to a still-lofty $54,000.

While that’s undeniably a lot of money, we need to explain just how wildly expensive the Tucson FCV was in the first place. Hyundai trimmed a total of $67,000 from the $144,000 starting price. Even with some very significant – and not unusual – subsidies, the fuel-cell model still cost $86,000. Considering where things started from, $54K seems like a relative bargain.

Beyond South Korea, Hyundai is expected to announce some sort of price cut in Europe, where the Tucson is marketed as the ix35 FCV, but it’s unclear at this point if the Euro model’s price tag will get such a dramatic reduction. We haven’t heard of any changes to the cost of the lease-only North American-market Tucson FCV, which is currently available in California for $499 per month with $2,999 down.

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