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Energy Management Strategies Drive Emerging Markets in Africa, Middle East

A new renewable energy market research report, Hydro Power Market to 2020 – Energy Management Strategies and Green Funds to Drive Emerging Markets in Latin America and Africa” by GBI Research predicts that the cumulative installed capacity of the global hydropower market will increase from 739.2 GW in 2010 to 1,051.1 GW in 2020. In addition, global hydropower generation is expected to grow from 2,483.5 GWh to 3,491.8 GWh by 2020.

Worldwide, hydropower is still the most widely used renewable energy, partly because of its power generation flexibility. Hydropower also helps to maintain grid stability and can overcome shortages during peak power demand or power losses plus it generates lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than other renewable energy sources.

In 2010, hydropower accounted for approximately 93 percent of the total renewable cumulative installed capacity. Hydropower is also inexpensive, with favorable policies and incentives. Africa and the Middle East will among the key hydropower markets by 2020 as demand for electricity expands and attention turns to the significant untapped hydropower potential in those regions.

GBI Research notes: “Much of hydropower’s global potential remains untapped, and while the share of other renewable resources are expected to increase in the future, hydropower is expected to remain at the top of global renewable installed capacity, accounting for up to 59.8 percent of the total renewable installed capacity. Increasing government support will drive this growth, as favorable policies encourage investments from both public and private players. Almost all regions of the world have significant untapped hydropower potential waiting to be exploited.”

An abstract and free sample of this GBI Research report is available for free from Global Information at http://www.giiresearch.com/report/gbi233922-hydro-power-market-2020-energy-management.html.

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