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Doosan Vina continues global growth with desal award in Saudi Arabia

Korean-invested Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam (Doosan Vina) announced that it has received an order to manufacture four 4,000-ton seawater desalination plants for Saudi Arabia.

The order came from Doosan Vina’s parent company Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction of South Korea who earlier had announced a US$1 billion order from the state-run Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia.

The complete Saudi Arabian desalination order is for six units, four of which will be built at Doosan Vina plant in Dung Quat complex in Quang Ngai Province and two will be built in Korea.

The four high tech multi-stage flash desalination plants will each weigh approximately 4,000 tons and are of the size of a football pitch. Once operational they will each produce an estimated 92 million liters of water per day by converting salty seawater into fresh potable water that is safe and ready for human consumption.

The massive “plug-and-play” units will be completely fabricated in Vietnam and shipped in one piece to the installation site where they can be connected and operational in short order.

When these four desalination plants are completed it will bring the total number of Vietnam-made desalination plants working around the globe to eight, helping to quench a thirsty world’s need for water, producing over 734 million liters of water per day.

The company said that it just shipped the final 972 tons of boiler components to a 1,370 MW thermal power plant in India. All the design, fabrication and assembly of the two 685 MW boiler units were done by the Boiler Division of Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam bearing the “Made in Vietnam” label.

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