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Digital recovery accelerates as depsys announces contract wins

Grid innovator sees global demand for green, mission-critical infrastructure solutions

 depsys, the technology company that empowers electricity grid managers to modernise their operations through digitalisation, has been awarded five new contracts in the past month, as utilities accelerate their transformation plans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and with an eye on upcoming green recovery initiatives.

The recent contracts, which span customers in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, demonstrate that the global utility sector has not lost sight of the need for a smart grid transformation, despite significant short-term disruption.

Anja Langer Jacquin, Chief Commercial Officer at depsys, comments: “Utilities around the world have seen how digitalised operations increase resilience and speed up recovery at times of crisis, and underlined their determination to drive the energy transition forward. Here in Europe, the EU Commission has made a green recovery from the pandemic an explicit goal, and utilities will be central to making that happen.”

depsys’ solutions are helping DSOs maintain service quality through remote and real-time access to grid performance information. This enables them to optimise their operations and manage critical energy infrastructure remotely, thereby minimising risk to staff and operations in respect to social distancing measures during recovery from the pandemic, while confidently integrating more unpredictable and decentralised renewable energy resources thanks to greater insight and visibility. 

Langer Jacquin continues: “In 2020, data really is at the core of everything. When human and financial resources are constricted and there is zero room for error, the utilities, needing to evolve their century-old grids and business models, appreciate depsys’ simple yet high quality solution. More than ever, utilities need to make wise, informed decisions – and that can only mean investing in data.”

depsys now works with more than 40 customers, delivering more than 100 projects across the globe. The company recently unveiled a new brand to better capture its vision for the grid and reflect its core values of simplifying lives, co-creation and empowerment.

About depsys

Headquartered in Puidoux, Switzerland, and founded in 2012, depsys is a technology company that empowers grid managers to evolve their operations through digital technology. Combining innovative hardware and software, depsys gives low-medium-voltage grid managers previously impossible insight into the performance of their networks, enabling them to operate better today and to plan an informed evolution in response to the energy transition.

depsys counts around 40 DSOs around the world among its customers and was recently named in the Global Cleantech 100, achieved the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award, and has recently been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

Please visit: https://www.depsys.ch/ for more information.

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