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Water Supply Stopped from Veeranam

Water Supply Stopped from Veeranam

With the Veeranam water supply being suspended Chennaities are more concerned lot. With summer looming large, the fear of water scarcity has made people to look for alternative arrangements. However metro water officials allayed fear of water scarcity and exuded confidence that that the capital city would be able to avoid the water scarcity as the Krishna water is all set to reach the city by May.

The decreasing levels of water storage and the ability of the city to tackle the water shortage has become a question, as all major reservoirs have recorded a dip in storage levels when compared to last year. The concerns have increased since Veeranam lake water levels took a dip.

“We have presently stopped the supply however we do not see any water scarcity presently as we believe the inflow of Krishna water will be enough to tide through the rest of the summer with some rainfall. The city will face problem only if Krishna water is stopped and the department is quite confident about receiving inflow from Krishna water in another four weeks time,” said a senior metro water official.

At a time when several water bodies are facing shortage, chennaities feel that situation might turn worse for regions, which do not have direct water connection through pipelines. “We receive water only on every alternative days through tankers lorries and often the water tankers come delayed, we will be very happy if metro water department provide us water everyday as it will reduce quarrel among people,” said A. Malarkodi, visibly upset resident of Kasimedu.

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