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Transgrid Launches New Power Line Review


Transgrid has announced it is reviewing its planned Dumaresq to Lismore line upgrade. The state owned corporation is responsible for the electricity transmission network in NSW and was planning a $250 million upgrade to the poles and wires to cater for future population growth. But Transgrid’s general manager of network planning and performance, Stephen Clark, said their latest data suggests the project would not be required until “sometime in the 2020s”.

“I am happy to announce that Transgrid will now undergo a further review specific to the proposed Far North NSW Project,” he said. Mr. Clarks said Transgrid “values the community’s input” and would let people know details of the review and how they can get involved.

Local environmentalists have been questioning the need for the line upgrade, saying it would lock the region into coal-fired electricity at a time when we should be looking at ways at diversifying supply. The news of the review was welcomed by Lismore deputy mayor Simon Clough, who is one of the people campaigning against the line upgrade.

“This is really a triumph for the local community,” he said. “Lots of people are on solar or other renewables and there has been an overall reduction in household electricity consumption. I think TransGrid have to admit they go their numbers wrong, the area is not growing at the rate they predicted. WE may well have saved an environmental disaster both in terms of the increased coal fired electricity production but also in the 60 meter swath they wanted to cut through some environmentally sensitive areas.”

Cr Clough said their population predictions were “a classic case of gold-plating”:

“They just believe that everything can go on as it was before… this could save the region in the vicinity of $250 million.”

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