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The sun shines on Thailand as benchmark solar thin-film project comes to fruition

The sun shines on Thailand as benchmark solar thin-film project comes to fruition

Construction has been completed on one of the largest solar plants in Thailand, paving the way for a whole new wave of large scale solar projects as part of the countries ambitious charge for a renewable future.

Sharp Corporation had been contracted to deliver the project by Natural Energy Development, a prominent IPP for the renewable sector in Thailand. The newly constructed 10.3 MW-dc power generation facility stands next to a 73.2 MW-dc one that was completed in March 2012 in Lop Buri Province. The two sites boast a combined output of approximately 84 MW-dc.

The operating company Natural Energy Development is a joint venture established by Diamond Generating Asia, (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi that controls IPP business in Southeast Asia and Taiwan), CLP (CLP Holdings Limited, the largest private power company in Asia, head office in Hong Kong), and EGCO (Electricity Generating Public Company Limited, the leading IPP company in Thailand). The joint venture company supports the planning, funding, and management of the power generation business.

Natural Energy Development placed a construction order for this project with Sharp, Italian-Thai Engineering Co.Ltd, and Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited (the largest construction company in Thailand). Sharp collaborated on the design and construction of the plant and also supplied the solar modules and surrounding systems for it.

The power plant employs thin-film solar modules that compared to crystalline solar cells, offer superior performance characteristics under high temperatures. Sharp supplied approximately 640,000 of these modules-along with the requisite surrounding systems-on an expansive area of about 2.16 square kilometers. Maintenance services will be provided by Sharp Solar Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd., a Sharp subsidiary established in March 2011. Specially trained and qualified personnel will provide operational support by inspecting and servicing the entire plant.

Targeting growing markets in Japan and newly emerging economies, Sharp will continue to develop a comprehensive business model that covers the design and construction of solar power plants, the procurement of solar modules and surrounding systems, and the provision of maintenance services.

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