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The Sea Angel rises to lead the way on the next generation of wind turbines

Wind turbine component manufacturer Euros has completed the first blade for Mitsubishi’s next generation 7MW Sea Angel offshore generator.

The 81.6-metre blade, which weighs 32.5 tons, is heading for Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven, where static and dynamic tests will be performed.

The trials will ensure the structural design and manufacturing process comply with the calculations and verifications required for certification, Euros said.

Chief executive Michael Wolf said: “The Euros team is proud and satisfied with the successful delivery and shipment of the first offshore rotor blade.”

The MHI wind focus is exciting to say the least with the companies proven heavy engineering expertise. The company remains committed to installing two full-scale Sea Angel prototypes on floating platforms of its own design off Japan’s Fukushima coast during summer 2014. The floating tests will be fully funded by the Japanese government.

European offshore wind sales are very much part of Mitsubishi’s ambitions for the Sea Angel, making an offshore test in European waters necessary, and the first operating sites will be along the Scottish coast near Glasgow.

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