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Thailand energy ministry to purchase 800mw from PV

Thailand’s Energy Ministry plans to purchase 800 megawatt of electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) farms in 2014–2015, higher than its previous projection of 576 megawatts, Kurujit Nakornthap, deputy permanent secretary at the energy ministry, told reporters at the end of October 2014.
Over 1 GW of applications submitted by investors back in 2010 that missed out in the first wave of PPA allocations will now become eligible for the new PPAs, following the failure of previously signed projects to reach their scheduled commercial operation date.

Prospective PPA awardees will be attending the Solar Energy Southeast Asia congress.
To whom the PPAs are awarded remains to be seen, however companies tipped to secure agreements include the previously successful SPCG, Bangchak Solar Energy & Annex Power. Senior company officials representing prospective PPA awardees will be attending the Solar Energy Southeast Asia congress at the Impact Arena in Bangkok on 25–26 November to meet with government and potential partners and investors to discuss the realization of the next wave of projects.
Those boasting successful projects from the first wave of PPAs are set to provide comment on how stakeholders will need to adapt to ensure that the ambitious SCOD of December 2015 is met. Whilst the exact conditions of the new PPAs will change compared to the initial adder scheme, a feed-in tariff of 5.66 Baht/kWh (currently 13.34 €cent) will apply that will be granted over a period of 25 years.
Whilst the award of 800 MW of private sector PPAs has been garnering much of the limelight following the announcement, additional programmes announced back in August present further opportunities for solar PV in Thailand.
The NEPC announced 70 MW of residential rooftop capacity to be opened up for applications receiving a feed-in tariff of 6.85 Baht/kWh for 25 years, whilst the much neglected solar community scheme has been transformed – aimed at realizing 800 MW of solar farms up to 5 MW in size through public private partnerships with government or agricultural cooperatives.
Dusit Kruangam, Chairman of the Thai PV Industries Association and Thomas Chrometzka, Director at GIZ will be two of the experts on hand at the Solar Energy Southeast Asia congress to interpret the new regulations and opportunities presented for the private sector.

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