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Taiwan Excellence Launches New “Water” Experience

Taiwan – As the spread of COVID-19 slows down, it seems that a “New Normal” has been established in our lives. When “epidemic prevention” became a topic of discussion in our lives, we began to focus our attention on the basic elements of our homes such as water and air. The use of water in our everyday life is ever-changing. Taiwan Excellence is bringing you a new “water” experience.

Even as the pandemic subsides and citizens gradually return to their daily routines, everyday epidemic prevention is still not to be taken lightly. To effectively stop the virus from entering our homes via the human body, the “EleClean Disinfectant Spray” was released by EleClean. It is the world’s first portable and highly effective disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and viruses using tap water. Using the “nano-catalyst electrode” technology, water is simply added to the bottle and electrified to produce a disinfectant with the same effects as hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, each active crystal can be reused up to 150 times. It is easy to use and the ingredients do not contain any chemical additives, thus families with children can use it with no worries. Modern life is inseparable from the Internet. Be it daily work or after-work activities, it has become normal to look at a computer screen for long periods of time. Such overuse will then lead to fatigue in the eyes. Winner of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, the “Cool and Warm Water-Propelled Eye Massager” by Aurai is the first eyecare goggle to use “water” as a medium. The use of medical-grade silica gel goggles is suitable for those with skin allergy. The cove eye socket design, used for a better fit, directly propels water to the skin around the eyes. This will improve blood circulation, massage, and relief pressure in the eyes. The innovative and patented circulatory system allows for temperature change in the product within 2 minutes. It has been certified by 11 countries, which makes eye relief more comprehensive and safe.

Drinking water is beneficial to human health. The “hydrogen water,” or “suisosui,” that became popular in Japan contains large amounts of hydrogen ions. In Japanese Kanji, “hydrogen” is “suiso” and water is “sui.” This is why it is known as hydrogen water. Hydrogen ions are believed to be highly resistant to oxidation and can reduce free radicals. The “Portable Hydrogen Water Generator” from Buder Water comes with the patented 360-degree concentric electrolysis technology, which can generate 800 ppb highly-concentrated hydrogen water in 3 minutes. The fine bottle is both portable and aesthetic, and has been designed to be safe, temperature-resistant, impact-resistant, and leakproof. It offers a new way of drinking water.

Sparkling water and nitro coffee became popular in the Asian food and beverage market in recent years. Besides better gastrointestinal motility, sparkling water also enhances the flavor in beverages and food ingredients. Developed by Mosa Industrial and recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award, “Soda Splash” carbonizer is a stainless steel bottle that does not require plug-ins. It is easy to carry and equipped with a specially-designed cartridge. The bottle can easily infuse carbon dioxide or nitrogen into the beverage for sparkling water, or simply sweetens water in general. The wide mouth bottle design also allows for ice cubes to be added directly. Drop in some diced fruit, and the fruit flesh will absorb the bubbles to create different levels of tastes. It is both easy to drink and innovative. Sparkling water can also be used in cooking to soak and soften sliced meat. The juices do not get lost from cooking, adding even more flavors to the food.

Taiwan Excellence carefully selects quality and innovative tech products made in Taiwan. More of Taiwan Excellence can be experienced at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion on the third floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 in Taipei. The digital pavilion can also be accessed at: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/tw/digital_pavilion

Executive Director of Strategic Marketing Department at Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

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