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South Korea look to increase efforts on smart grid technology patents

South Korea look to increase efforts on smart grid technology patents

Intellectual property rights of smart grid technologies developed in Korea are expected to be protected in the world market, improving their competitiveness, as foundation for registering them as international standard patents is established.

Korea Smart Grid Association said recently that it held the launching ceremony of the ‘program of supporting creation of standard patents’ for 2013 at the Patent Information Promotion Centre in Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI).

Sponsored by the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and supervised by Standard Patent Center, the program of supporting creation of standard patents is designed to promote creation of high value-added standard patents by supporting standard patent-oriented R&D projects conducted by companies, universities and research institutes aiming to obtain international patents.

Now that it participates in the program of supporting creation of standard patents, Korea Smart Grid Association will develop the flexible AC transmission system, a core technology of smart grid, and technology of managing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to obtain international patents and standard patents.

Standard Patent Center plans to provide consulting to Korea Smart Grid Association so that patents of core technologies will be reflected in standard patents, which are currently being developed, by linking it with the international standard development program.

As the secretariat of the smart grid standardization forum, Korea Smart Grid Association will take lead in developing technologies and standards in conjunction with key organizations and companies to create standard patents. And then, it will provide results of development to small and mid-sized smart grid companies.

At the meeting, Director General Kim Yeon-ho of Electric and Electronic Examination Bureau at KIPO said, “The standard patent is a high value-added patent that can enjoy both market power and monopolistic strength of patent, which are advantages of standardization.”

Vice President Mun Ho of Korea Smart Grid Association said, “Given that most smart grid-related companies are small and mid-sized businesses, which are weak in coping with standard smart grid patents, the program is expected to significantly contribute to strengthening their competitiveness. The Association will exert continued effort to promote creation of patent standards.”

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