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SolarWorld AG takes over Bosch solar manufacturing in Arnstadt

As a result, SolarWorld will increase its production capacity to over one gigawatt throughout the entire value chain. This will make the company the largest manufacturer of solar power technology outside of Asia. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck, the CEO of SolarWorld AG, says, “SolarWorld offers a counterpoint to solar manufacturing in China. We rely on highly automated production processes so that we can minimize failure rates and guarantee the highest quality. The manufacturing capabilities of Bosch Solar Energy are a perfect match for us and their quality standards are in keeping with our company’s values. The same applies for the high environmental and social standards we hold ourselves to.”

Taking over the Bosch solar manufacturing in Arnstadt has followed the financial restructuring of the SolarWorld Group, which was just completed late last month. SolarWorld thus becomes one of the few solar companies in the world to regain solid financial footing.

At the beginning of 2013, Bosch announced its withdrawal from the production of high-efficiency solar modules. The agreement reached between Bosch and SolarWorld ensures that the manufacturing site in Arnstadt will continue to operate for many years to come and that the jobs in the region will remain secure.


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