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Social Contribution Mega-Solar Power Plant Project in Japan

A consortium of organizations have grouped together to install a giant solar power plant. Ryukoku University, Inami Town, Kyocera Solar Corporation, Plus Social Co., Ltd. and The Trans Value Trust Company, Ltd. are working together to install Japan’s first-ever social contribution mega-solar power generation plant. The provisional name for the project is the Ryukoku Solar Park.

The 1.85-megawatt solar project will sell the electricity generated under Japan’s generous feed-in tariff (FIT) and donate the profits to local communities, creating a model that provides funds to solve social problems while promoting the spread of renewable energy.

Ryukoku University developed the socially responsible investment (SRI) project to create the first-ever model of its kind in Japan by combining the resources and know-how of the parties involved. Furthermore, Ryukoku University, Inami Town and KSC will use this opportunity to cooperate in working on lifelong learning and local revitalization projects in the future, including lecture events for local students on renewable energy.

Using funds invested by Ryukoku University, PS and Trans Value will operate the mega-solar power generation project at the Ryukoku University Fukakusa Campus (Kyoto City) and on land owned by the municipality in Inami Town, with the power generated to be sold to the regional utility company. The solar power installation will use 7,500 of Kyocera’s high output multicrystalline silicon solar modules

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