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SEA biggest wind farm producers

The country’s bid to wean itself off fossil fuels and tap its massive potential for renewable energy has received a big boost following the completion of the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia.

EDC Burgos Wind Power Corp. (EBWPC), an affiliate of Lopez-led Energy Development Corp. (EDC), informed the Department of Energy (DOE) last Nov. 5 that its 150-megawatt (MW) wind project in Burgos, Ilocos Norte had achieved successful

“We are happy to have met our target commissioning date, even a bit earlier than expected. This is a major achievement for us,” said Richard Tantoco, EDC president and chief operating officer.

Tantoco said that while renewable energy has a long way to go before it can meet the country’s ever-growing energy demands, the development of the wind farm is a significant step.

Under the DOE’s guidelines, successful commissioning means that the renewable energy project “is now physically connected to the grid” and is “delivering power to the transmission system.”

According to EDC data, the Burgos wind project will be providing 370 GWh of electricity to power approximately two million households.

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