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Scotra awarded FPV construction project for Taiwan Wushantou Hydroelectric dam

SCOTRA CO., LTD. (CEO Lee, jong mok), a specialized company in FPV (Floating PV) system, was awarded an order on May 31 for a large-scale FPV system project that will be constructed in Wushantou hydroelectric power dam (Operated by Taiwan Power Corp.) in Tainan city, Taiwan.

This project is Taiwan’s largest FPV system construction project in hydroelectric dam by Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. and Scotra will provide FPV System that worth around 4million US Dollars.

The project calls for the construction of FPV facility (Approx. Site area of 13ha and max water depth of 16meters) with capacity of 13.7MW with using 34,263 solar modules (400W). This Wushantou Dam FPV Project is about seven times larger than Scotra’s previous Taiwan FPV dam project (Fengsan dam 2MW FPV, located in Kaohsiung) which was constructed in Oct. last year.

The Taiwanese authorities expect the project to produce and supply of 17 million kWh of electricity annually and reduction of carbon emission of 8,900 tons annually.

Scotra’s FPV system shows stable and reliable performance against high water depth & water level variation, especially in hydro-electric power dams.

Scotra has successfully completed the world deepest mooring & anchoring (45 meters’ depth) with max water variation of 35meters in Korean hydroelectric dam (Chungju Dam 3 MW) previously in 2017 and has more than 1,400 mooring and anchoring project references up to date.

The Wushantou dam FPV plant which will be operated with the existing hydroelectric facility (20MW), is a hybrid-type power generation system that efficiently manages the decreases in power generation due to bad weather condition such as rain which have been regarded as disadvantages of Floating solar power generation. This hybrid-type of power generation is in the limelight of renewable energy field at the moment. Construction of Wushantou FPV Plant is scheduled to begin in August with delivery targeted for Nov, 2021. 

Scotra has been continuously supplying large-scale of FPV system started with Gunsan Retarding Basin FPV project (18.7MW) in 2018 and Namjeong-ho FPV project (25MW) in 2020. Currently, construction of 41MWp hybrid-type Hapcheon hydroelectric dam FPV plant is on-going by Scotra.

Photo attached:

– Aerial view of Wushantou dam FPV (Located Tainan city, Taiwan)

– Scotra’s Floating PV model applied to Wushantou Dam 

– Scotra Smart Factory (Annual manufacturing capability of 300MW)

(Inquiry: Scotra Seoul sales office: Choi, YJ/ manager of Scotra, yjchoi@scotra.co.kr)

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