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Revolutionary new QUASARTM batteries from Eternity Technologies offer longer running time, faster charging & improved performance for material handling applications

Leading industrial battery manufacturer Eternity Technologies has launched QUASARTM, a new generation of high-performance industrial batteries which utilise advanced Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT) to meet ever more demanding electrical vehicle applications.


Utilising industry-leading CNT technology means QUASARTM batteries offer longer running time, enhanced lifespan and excellent performance.  The innovative CNT technology means these batteries can deliver up to 50% higher performance at cold temperatures, with up to 25% increased run time and 2x faster recharge.


Using the latest manufacturing production processes and equipment, Eternity Technologies’ QUASAR TM batteries are now available to the global market. Designed specifically for the heavy-duty materials handling market, QUASARTM batteries can be fully charged in just 4 hours – and with opportunity charging capabilities offering even greater flexibility.  They are ideal for material handling equipment operating in multi-shift, outdoor and cold storage applications. Equally, QUASAR TM is an ideal battery for extremely high temperatures indoors or outdoors.


Dr Mark Stevenson, Eternity Technologies, explains: “QUASARTM, our new technically advanced industrial battery, is a great addition to our already extensive industrial battery range. With increasing demands for longer running batteries for cold storage applications, we developed QUASARTM batteries to meet this requirement perfectly.  We’re excited to be launching them into the market.”


The QUASAR TM positive plate utilises thin tube technology, which offers higher energy discharge. It incorporates a market leading phenolic resin which can meet heavy duty operating demands and provides excellent oxidation resistance.  The QUASAR TM negative plate contains CNT, which increases its fast charge capability, whilst also resulting in no degradation to life of the batteries.



About Eternity Technologies


Although Eternity Technologies is the newest and most vibrant Motive Power battery company in the world it derives its heritage from over 100 years of developments in lead acid battery technology since the technology was introduced on an industrial scale in the 1880’s.


Eternity Technologies operates from the most modern and up to date industrial battery manufacturing facility, based in the United Arab Emirates, specialising in the manufacture and supply of industry leading, high performance industrial batteries. In addition to Eternity Technologies UAE, regional manufacturing facilities have been established in Germany, Spain, South America and USA, offering local cell assembly.


The company sells to over 100 countries worldwide and has established partner businesses to enable regional distributorship. Offering a wide range of products, including cells, batteries, blocs, chargers and accessories for the Motive Power, Standby Power and Renewable Energy markets, Eternity Technologies is a rapidly growing force in the market.


For more details about products from Eternity Technologies, including the new QUASAR TM batteries, visit the websitewww.eternitytechologies.com


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