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Renewable Energy in Australia May Rise Over 51% by 2050

Renewable Energy in Australia May Rise Over 51% by 2050

Australia may be heavily dependent on coal for energy but in 2020, the country is expected to have one of the greenest energy for fuel.

Green Energy Markets compiled government data to come up with an analysis of how Australia will be on track to sustain 22% of renewable energy by 2020.  By 2050, the country can achieve 51% sustainability on renewable energy.

The rapid growth in solar energy and the gradual phase-out of brown coal are major factors to the growing interest in sustainable and renewable energy.

Since no single renewable energy source can replace the amount of consumed fossil fuels, there is a need for further research and development in this area if we want a sufficient supply of energy in the coming years.  As the world’s population grows, so is the demand for energy.  A combination of renewable energy sources can somewhat take the place of fossil fuels in case they do run out.  Natural sources of energy like the sun, wind and water should be developed if we want a continuous supply of energy in the coming years.  Meanwhile, the governments around the world should establish a common energy program that will address the issue of energy supply.  Energy resources should be maximized to strengthen efficiency.

Solar power on the rise

Aside from wind energy, looking into a solar energy investment is t also a good idea. Solar technology has been around longer than other sources of alternative energy. However, just like wind energy, solar power still has a long way to go before fully reaching commercial markets around the world.  To generate power from the sun, photovoltaic technology is a proven process. Light from the sun is converted into electricity using solar cells. Solar power is a cost-effective way of generating electricity.

The renewable energy outlook in Australia seems promising but the analysis does not necessarily capture the great potential of the nation’s clean energy resources.  Government estimates may be lower than the actual output of green energy.  This means Australia may be capable of going beyond the 51% projection of clean energy supply.

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