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Qatar Commits to Smart Energy Solutions for World Cup Event

Now that is has been selected to host the World Cup in 2022, Qatar authorities have committed to making the event a sustainable, carbon neutral event.

Environmentalists have expressed concern about Qatar’s infrastructure—or lack thereof—and its ability to accommodate such a large event; specifically, how to keep attendees comfortable amidst the country’s high heat and humidity. But government officials are attempting to allay fears by presenting plans to use constant shining sun to its advantage through the use of solar cooling systems.

The country has made a commitment to sustainability, as presented in Qatar’s National Vision. This focus has prompted the Qatar General Water and Electricity Corporation, Kahramaa, to adopt the Qatar National Vision 2030 as the primary impetus for its strategic planning practices and policies.

At the third annual Qatar Alternative Energy Investors Summit in Doha, Engineer Saleh Hamad Al Murri, Head of Kahramaa Renewable Energy Section says, “Our strategy includes the development of a concrete framework for sustainability that will support the solar cooling systems planned for World Cup stadia. This involves building a smart national power grid to facilitate intelligent and reliable energy distribution.”

The two-day conference attracts international clean energy industry stakeholders to discuss progress in the Gulf region and global renewable energy projects.

Summit Chairperson Hermoine Macura, adds: “This year’s summit has gathered international leaders focused on driving progress in the clean energy sector, both global and within the Middle East. Understanding the finance behind these projects is a key factor, especially for stakeholders in the Gulf looking to finance international clean energy development.”

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