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PV Guangzhou 2013 to Help Resolve PV Industry Crisis

As China’s photovoltaic industry has frequently encountered anti-dumping and anti-subsidy in foreign countries, most people focus on the solution that the government adopts to deal with the crisis. Thanks to cost reduction and emerging market exploitation, PV industry is gradually seeing recovery and positive development. However, many corporations are still facing hard times at the moment.

“The punitive duty of 11.8% is slightly lower than what we have expected, which gives us a break. Some large companies with financial strength can manage to survive the hard time”, a photovoltaic insider told reporters.

The European Commission announced its decision to push forth with anti-dumping duties on Chinese PV imports into Europe despite of controversy. From June 6 to August 6, the provisional tariffs are set as 11.8%. In case of no satisfying negotiation results, then the punitive duties of 47.6% will come into force in August, passively influencing most of domestic PV companies.

Undeniably, the biggest problem for China’s PV industry lies in excess capacity and we’ve been suffering this issue for many years. To solve this problem, we have reached common ground, namely, vigorously expanding domestic and overseas markets. Though the European markets are still quite important to China’s PV industry, many domestic companies have been trying to seek business transformation before the proposal of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy. On one hand, they actively exploit emerging markets, such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, and so forth. On the other hand, building PV power plants and other measures are taken to expand domestic markets. Some companies attempt to tackle the crisis by building production bases in foreign countries. At present, Canada, Japan and other markets has presented positive growth. In particular, Japan witnesses an increasing demand for PV products due to its subsidy policies in this line.

According to the Organizing Committee of PV Guangzhou, some exhibitors have continuously lowered export volume to European and American markets, and have attached more importance to Japan, India, South Africa, Russia and other emerging markets. PV Guangzhou attracts professional visitors from Asia, South America, Africa and other emerging markets, which injects new vitality to the industry. Thought facing international trade friction and business transformation, PV Guangzhou 2013 will facilitate your emerging market expansion.

PV Guangzhou 2013 will be held from August 19 to 21 and invite governments as well as related associations from emerging economies to attend, including Asia, South America, Africa, etc. It will not only help cope with the current crisis, but also play a role in exploiting emerging markets at home and abroad.

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