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Powerzeek opens Singapore Office

Norway-based energy platform Powerzeek is moving into the Asian Pacific market with the setting up of an office in Singapore.

Supply and purchase interest in the digital marine LNG transaction platform has been building since it opened for business in April, and after opening offices in the United States, India and Hungary, Powerzeek is developing its global expansion strategy with a move to Singapore.

‘The decision to expand into the Asia Pacific by setting up an office in Singapore is a logical step in Powerzeek´s growth strategy, said Dag Lilletvedt, LNG entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Powerzeek.

‘Singapore is a leading shipping hub, and it is, therefore, both natural and necessary that we have a physical presence here.’

Powerzeek´s Singapore office will be located in the Nordic Innovation House in Singapore, a co-working space bringing together innovative companies from Norway and other Nordic countries.

Sami Jääskeläinen, Community Director of NIH-SG commented: ‘We are incredibly pleased to have Powerzeek join our growing Nordic community and to be part of this next phase of expansion in Singapore.

‘Powerzeek’s sustainable maritime solutions combined with a digital technology platform are much needed in Southeast Asia, so looking forward to having their team here soon.’

Pål Arne Kastmann, Director of Innovation Norway Singapore and Chair at the Nordic Innovation House Singapore, also noted: ‘We are very happy to welcome Powerzeek to Singapore and the Nordic Innovation House. Powerzeek addresses a need that fits the Singapore market very well. 

With one of the busiest transhipment harbours in the world, decarbonisation and sustainable shipping is a central thrust in Singapore’s 2030 road map.

‘With its digital platform, Powerzeek helps facilitate this change by making LNG as fuel more accessible to ship-owners. I’m quite certain that they will find a market for their solutions here, and we’re very excited to be part of that journey.’
Powerzeek’s Singapore office is being managed by Dag Lilletvedt, while local personnel are recruited.

As previously reported, since the start-up of Powerzeek, the digital clean fuel procurement platform has engaged LNG suppliers with a total supply capacity of over 800,000 tons of LNG.

Earlier this month, the company also announced that in response to demand from the shipping market, Powerzeek is now supplying liquefied biogas (LBG) alongside LNG on its platform.

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