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Power industry contracts in Asia-Pacific for Q1 2021 up 7%

Asia-Pacific power industry contracts activity in Q1 2021 saw 315 contracts announced, marking a rise of 7% over the last four-quarter average of 295, according to GlobalData’s power database.

Power contracts activity in Asia-Pacific by volume;

YearMonth Count
Q1-20 276
Q2-20 256
Q3-20 328
Q4-20 320
Q1-21 315

Asia-Pacific power industry contracts in Q1 2021: India leads activity

Looking at contracts by country, India led the activity in Q1 2021 with 85 contracts and a share of 27%, up 13.2% over the previous quarter and up 57% when compared with the last four-quarter average, followed by China with 60 contracts and a share of 19% and Malaysia with 37 contracts and a share of 11.7% during the quarter.

Looking at the last four-quarter average, China held the top spot with 58 contracts, followed by India with 54 and Australia with 34 contracts.

Power contract activity in Asia-Pacific – Q1 2021 India, China, Malaysia, Rest of Asia-Pacific 27% 19% 42.2% 11.7%

Name Count
India 85
China 60
Malaysia 37
Rest of Asia-Pacific 133

Solar is top technology area for contracts in Q1 2021

Looking at contracts divided by the type of technology, solar accounted for the largest proportion with 179 contracts and a 60.5% share, followed by wind with 59 contracts and a 19.9% share and thermal with 35 contracts and an 11.8% share.

Looking at power industry contracts divided by segment as tracked by GlobalData, Power Plant was the most popular segment in Asia-Pacific power contracts activity during Q1 2021, with 157 contracts, followed by Generation Equipment (80) and Electricity Procurement (71).

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The proportion of contracts by category tracked by GlobalData in the quarter was as follows:https://survey.alchemer.eu/s3/90330012/All-Sites-WFH-poll-3-Q1-2021

  1. Project Implementation: 144 contracts and a 45.7% share
  2. Supply & Erection: 79 contracts and a 25.1% share
  3. Power Purchase Agreement: 53 contracts and a 16.8% share
  4. Consulting & Similar Services: 27 contracts and an 8.6% share
  5. Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Others: seven contracts and a 2.2% share
  6. Electricity Supply: five contracts and a 1.6% share.

Power contracts in Q1 2021: Top issuers by capacity

The top issuers of contracts for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved in Asia-Pacific were:

  1. Andhra Pradesh Green Energy (India): 6,400MW from 12 contracts
  2. Gansu Province Electric Power Investment Group (China) and Nuclear Power Corporation of India (India): 2,000MW from one contract
  3. Manila Electric (Philippines) and Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos (Laos): 1,800MW capacity from one contract.

Power contracts in Q1 2021: Top winners by capacity

The top winners of contracts for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved in Asia-Pacific were:

  1. China Energy Engineering Group Planning and Engineering (China): 3,885MW from eight contracts
  2. Adani Renewable Energy Holding Twelve (India): 3,000MW from five contracts
  3. Larsen & Toubro (India): 2,410MW capacity from three contracts.

All publicly-announced contracts are included in this analysis drawn from GlobalData’s Power database, which covers power plants, T&D projects, equipment markets, analysis reports, capacity and generation, and tracks tenders and contracts on a real-time basis.

More in-depth reports and analysis on all reported contracts are available for subscribers to GlobalData’s Power database.

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