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Positive vibes for Indian water sector

This year Aquatech India celebrated its 5th edition, while Aquatech Global Events marks 50 years of water industry events. From 6 to 8 May, 135 exhibitors and 6500 visitors came together in New Delhi for the annual exhibition and conference, combined with the Industrial Leaders Forum. Aquatech India again sets the standard for water technology trade events in the region. The next edition of the show will take place in New Delhi in 2015. 
Aquatech India attracted over 6500 visitors from 60 countries and more than 100 conference delegates. International delegations from Israel, Korea and China, amongst others, came to see the show. A unique mix of municipal as well as industrial water professionals were present and learned about the latest innovations in their field of expertise. The majority of visitors were from decision making units of their organisations resulting in valuable business conversations on the show floor.


Exhibitors, both from India and abroad, were very pleased with the show. “Overall, we had a great response to the show this year,” says Annelies Schenk enthusiastically, the event’s project head. The show was held during the final stages of the Indian elections and according to Schenk this was very noticeable on the exhibition floor. “It was clear that visitors and exhibitors alike were positive about the future of the Indian Water Sector.” Schenk adds: “From conversations on the show floor we learnt there is renewed confidence in the economy. Expectations that the new government will be a catalyst for innovation in Indian water resources & management are evident”.



Aquatech India premiered with the Industrial Leaders Forum (ILF) in India. The event attracted industrial sustainability managers to New Delhi. They were all very pleased with the opportunity to share the latest trends and emerging issues on the current topic of water stewardship. “The Industrial leaders Forum provided an excellent opportunity to learn from peer organisations and benchmark Tata’s effort in water stewardship” says Arunavo Mukerjee, Vice President – Advisory Services, Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd.

The ILF was moderated by Bastiaan Mohrmann – Head, Water South Asia, International Finance Corporation, member of World Bank Group, he explains:  “The need for water sector transformation to secure equitable and environmentally sustainable economic growth was confirmed once again at the Indian edition of Aquatech’s Industrial Leaders Forum on water stewardship and water technology solutions for a green economy. An emerging corporate buy-in from domestic companies was demonstrated at the ILF. Water is being recognised as a critical business issue, beyond traditional corporate social responsibility initiatives. Corporate water disclosure works as an accelerator to address the pressing water-energy-food nexus in India. As water is a shared resource, water risks are shared risks. Collective responses to the water availability challenges have to be developed. Thus, it is required for industry players to partner with knowledge institutions and other enablers, such as WWF and financial institutions. As over 80% of the available water supply is used for agriculture, there is a key role for the Indian agri-business sector to show leadership in achieving more agri-water efficiency in the value chain; collaboration has become essential to secure water for sustainable growth.”

The Industrial Leaders Forum will return in 2015 during the next edition of Aquatech India and will soon have its premiere in China, as part of Aquatech China 2014, on 26 June 2014.

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