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Plug into Dow!!

Plug into Dow for Complete Portfolio of Power and Telecom Cable and Accessories Solutions

Dow Electrical & Telecommunications is asking its customers to “Plug into Dow” to learn more about its innovation capabilities and complete portfolio of solutions for both power and telecom cables and cable accessories.

“Dow E&T has been plugged into the power and telecom industries for decades, delivering innovation and reliable, long-lasting materials science-based products and technology for the transmission, distribution and consumption of power, voice and data,” said Damien Polansky, Global Associate Marketing Director, Dow E&T. “We are focused on helping our customers identify their unmet needs – then plugging into our extensive resources to help find answers. It’s all about choices – and now we have the complete portfolio that allows our customers to choose the solutions that best meet their needs.”

This portfolio includes:

• DOW ENDURANCE™ family of insulation, jacketing and semiconductive materials for medium- voltage, high-voltage and extra-high voltage cable constructions that are developed to last for decades of service.

o DOW ENDURANCE™ HFDC-4202 EC MV TR-XLPE insulation meets or exceeds all global requirements including ICEA, AEIC, CSA, NMX, and VDE/ CENELEC as well as Russian GOST R 55025 requirements.
o The product also was recognized by R&D Magazine as a 2015 R&D 100 winner for its patented formulation technology enabling improved performance through extended cable life and enhanced reliability, while reducing total life-cycle cost.

• The addition of ENGAGE™ and NORDEL™ elastomers to Dow E&T’s portfolio enables us to be a “one-stop-shop” for polymeric components for MV infrastructure. In addition to TR-XLPE, Dow now provides elastomeric resins for ethylene alkene copolymer (EAM) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) cable constructions. These same elastomers also are used in a range of MV accessories that include separable connectors, splices and terminations.

• Our SI-LINK™, REDI-LINK™ and UNIGARD™ product families comprise insulation, jacketing and fire-performance materials for low-voltage building/industrial cables and insulated overhead lines.

• The Dow AXELERON™ family of solutions includes an entire portfolio of solid, cellular and coaxial insulation as well as jacketing compounds for coaxial, copper LAN/twisted pair and fiber optic cables.

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