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Philippines energy chief: 2023 power supply conditions look ‘difficult’

MANILA – The Philippines’ energy minister said Monday the country’s power supply situation in 2023 is likely to be difficult, with some hydro plants expected to be unable to deliver electricity.

Energy Minister Raphael Lotilla, in a forum organised by the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines, also said he was encouraging the increased use of renewable sources of energy, which could help ease the impact of high fuel prices.

The Philippines has sufficient power supply for the rest of 2022, but Mr Lotilla did not rule out “yellow alerts”, which are issued by his ministry whenever reserves are thin and thus could potentially cause outages.

The Philippines remains dependent on fossil fuels for electricity generation, but Mr Lotilla has sought to ramp up support for renewables.

“In 2023 the situation is a bit difficult especially in the summer months. The scenario… shows several yellow alerts and possible red alerts in 2023,” he said.

Red alerts are issued when supply is insufficient to meet demand.

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