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Nikola Director to lead global standardisation project for hydrogen fuelling technologies

A three-year hydrogen fuelling global standardisation project for the International Standardisation Organisation’s Technical Committee 197 (ISO/TC 197) will be led by Nikola’s Director of Fuel Cell Vehicle Code and Standards, Antonio Ruiz.

Focused on the standardisation of systems and devices for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen, the TC 197 committee consists of hydrogen and fuel cell technology experts throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The fuelling standard consists of three tasks: designing a process for developing fuelling protocols; defining communications required between the vehicle and the station; and developing a high flow fuelling protocol for heavy-duty vehicles.

Developing these needed fuelling procedures and requirements under ISO/TC 197 and its membership ensures that these standards are technically sound, consensus-based, and adopted on a global scale.

Ruiz was unanimously approved as Convener to work with an international core group of experts to implement the fuelling protocol standardisation initiative following more than two years of building consensus within the global hydrogen community.

Commenting on his appointment, Ruiz, said, “The receipt of such international support is a significant step toward developing international standards and the fuelling requirements needed to accelerate the adoption of heavy-duty fuel-cell electric trucks and, to advance the global deployment of hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies.”

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