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NHPC To Complete Uri 2 Hydropower

NHPC To Complete Uri 2 Hydropower

The National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) is hoping to commission its 240-MW Uri 2 hydropower plant by the end of the month, the Indian utility said. The run-of-river complex was originally scheduled to be operation by September 2009, but development of the Uri 2 project has been delayed by a number of factors.

Most recently, heavy rains in flash floods in Fall 2011 flooded the project’s tailrace tunnel and outlet, as well as draft tube tunnels. Earlier that year, more flooding caused waters to top a coffer dam, affecting mechanical equipment and civil works. Other delays, which date back to an earthquake in October 2005, include coffer dam problems, flooding, labor disputes and supply shortages.

Once complete, the project will feature a 157-meter-long by 52-meter-high concrete gravity dam, a 4.233-km-long headrace tunnel, four 60 MW hydro turbines, and a 3.615-k m-long tailrace tunnel. The Uri 2 is part of Jammu & Kashmir’s renewed emphasis on developing its hydroelectric resources, HydroWorld.com reported in June 2012. According to the state’s government, as much as 8,000 MW of hydropower capacity could be developed in the mountainous region in the next decade.

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