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Mitsubishi Power kicks off ammonia-fueled 40MW gas turbine development

The company aims to commercialise the turbine by 2025.

To increase global focus on decarbonisation efforts, energy sector technology and solutions provider Mitsubishi Power has started the development of a 40 MW gas turbine fueled by 100% ammonia.

According to a media release, Mitsubishi Power is eyeing commercialisation by 2025, after combustion and other testing.

Firing of ammonia produces zero carbon dioxide, achieving carbon-free power generation. Should this be achieved, the turbine will be the first of its kind to “make exclusive use of ammonia as fuel in a system of this scale, and will aid in the promotion of decarbonisation of small to medium-scale power stations for industrial applications, on remote islands, etc,” Mitsubishi Power said.

Ammonia is an efficient hydrogen carrier, and it can also be directly combusted as fuel, said Mitsubishi Power.

“In recent years, attention has begun to focus on ammonia from two perspectives: achieving carbon neutrality through transition to a hydrogen society, and minimising environmental impact caused by existing energy modes,” the company added. “Expectations are held that early introduction of ammonia-based power generation equipment at power companies and independent power providers will promote ammonia’s future use as a carbon-free fuel.”

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