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Mitsubishi Invest their Faith in Wind Power

Mitsubishi Invest their Faith in Wind Power

Japanese industrial giant Mitsubishi Corporation is ramping up activities in the offshore wind energy sector. At a time when Japan — as well the EU, the US, China, and countries around the world — are increasingly turning to wind, solar, and other clean, renewable energy resource development to fuel sustainable growth, news this week indicates that Mitsubishi Corporation – “a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry” — apparently sees promise in owning and developing offshore wind power projects.

Mitsubishi Corporation is taking a 50% equity stake in the Netherlands’ 129 megawatt (MW) Eneco Luchterduinen project, which is due to begin construction in the Dutch North Sea July 2014.

Last week, news broke that Mitsubishi will invest some €576 million ($770 milliion) to help build critical grid interconnections for offshore wind farms in Germany. Back home, Mitsubishi is one of 11 leading Japanese industrial corporations taking part in a pioneering effort to build the world’s first large-scale floating offshore wind farm off Fukushima, the locus of the 3/11 tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster.

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  • Minwoo Kim

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